June 2017


Pictures by Joe!




Where I live, there

are (UH) Rainbows!

Amazing place, people, and culture.

GCS is now proud to be located in the beautiful State of Hawaii, the only U.S. State where one can view the Southern Cross at more than 2 degrees above the horizon. Just like CSN, in their song, we all have and make choices and they do define who we are. Just like in life though, one should always remember that we are defined as an aggregate of our actions and deeds (in business and personally!). In technology, it is the way of life. Your data security….or worse… your customer’s data security, is not where you want to make a bad choice if your “course” is found to be untrue. Keep your promises and always choose the “right thing” to do over the “easy thing” to do and your course will always be true!

A huge concern facing everyone involved in today’s IT, is security. With more and more unqualified people engaging in the IT business, especially wireless, there has been an overwhelming abundance of recently deployed, unsecured networks. These networks and their data are actually available to passers by on the street. As a network engineer and protocol analyst, I often look for security breeches in networks as a hobby. The other day in downtown Honolulu, I was parked across from an “investment” company where I not only “sniffed” their data, I also had fast internet access in my car thanks to them. This was done without anyone at the investment firm knowing that someone was inside their network looking around. I not only had their data, I had their email too!

Don’t let your business be compromised by incompetent or untrained technicians. At Gilmore Consulting, we are constantly pursuing additional IT certifications as well as reviewing our client’s networks as new technologies are developed. We also constantly perform security checks and analysis of our customer’s networks (as well as unsuspecting non-customers) and make this service available to new customers that just want to verify their security. Your data is second only to your employees in the importance to maintaining your competitive edge. Even if someone else installed your network, we can analyze your security. You will sleep better at night!